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12 Oct '17

Ying Yu Jade Wholesale Jade "Yoni" Eggs and Ben Wa Balls

Ying Yu Jade has been watching with extreme worry the size of jade eggs and ben wa balls that are now being sold.  The sizes are getting larger. actually too large to help women with kegel exercise, and can cause harm instead of helping.  Ying Yu Jade's eggs and ben wa balls are the size determined by Chinese medicine doctors to be what women need to improve their vaginal health and strength.  And yes, for all women, not just Chinese women. 

What size jade eggs and ben wa balls should women use?  A size that can tighten and strengthen, as well as a size for women who are older and becoming more dry, and more "tight".  

The set of three jade eggs has proper sizes for women who are aging and need help with moisture and slight stretching, women who have given birth and need to tighten use the large or medium egg first, then when you can finally keep the small egg inside, you have reached your goal of tightening. And the medium size works for almost all women, to use for exercise.  

Ying Yu Jade will not profit by offering wholesale deals, but we want to do all we can to get the medically helpful and healthy size out to more women.

Ying Yu Jade Wholesale Jade Eggs and Ben Wa Balls Collection

More information and videos about Ying Yu Jade eggs and ben wa balls


21 Sep '17

What Kind of Jade Should I Buy?

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Often new customers tell me they want to buy jade, they think it's beautiful and want to own jade, but they are not sure what they should buy. 

Ying Yu Jade offers jade you can wear, including jade bangle bracelets, jade pendants, jade necklaces and bead bracelets.  If you are looking for jade to wear, I think people who want jade will be most attracted to the jade piece that has the best qi energy for them.  For example, the "river jade" natural color Chinese jade bangle bracelets have colors related to the body's qi meridians, and if your qi is blocked, or one of your meridians is not balanced, you might be attracted to   An example is the Chinese jade bangle bracelet NJ2381 "Fire and Earth" that has qi energy for health and healing, overcoming adversity.  The description is on the product page: 

Maybe you need jade for specific health.  If you need to relax your forehead and improve the skin to keep it youthful and healthy, a jade mask might be just what you need.

If you are not sure what kind of jade you want, but you want to have a special jade piece, look around the web site.  You are welcome to contact us yingyujade @ yingyujade.com  and tell me what's going on with you, what you would like, and I can suggest a special piece to you.  

Jade can be a special piece, "medicine", or just something fun to have in your home and office.  And on Ying Yu Jade you will find unique, interested jade pieces.



17 Sep '17

The Best Jade Yoni Ben Wa Balls You Can Buy

Ying Yu Jade ben wa balls are the best jade ben wa balls you can buy.  They were made by our jade carver in China from genuine and natural Chinese jade, the kind of jade Chinese doctors have been using for centuries to make health products for people.  The size of the ben wa balls is the Chinese doctor recommended size.  Not to large to cause damage or desensitise your vagina, something you don't want to do!  I have seen jade ben wa balls for sale that are much larger than they should be to help you improve your kegel muscles.  Instead, they may cause stretching, the opposite of what you want to accomplish.

If you are trying to decide between jade ben wa balls or jade eggs, the ben wa balls are "more playful".  When you have them inside, and moving your muscles, you might even hear the "clinking" together.  They also can make sex fun, "playing" with them.  

They are available undrilled, the pure and natural "whole" jade ball, or drilled with holes.  The balls drilled with holes can be tied with dental floss, or string, that you can remove each time you use them

When you purchase YYJ ben wa balls, you will also receive the most up to date information about effectively doing kegel exercise.

Click the photo of the ben wa balls to learn more, and view short video clips.

And, they are also low, sale prices. 


15 Aug '17

How to Adjust Your Ying Yu Jade Roller to Roll Smoothly and Quietly

You received your jade roller, unpack it, and realize that it doesn't roll smoothly.  It seems "stiff" and like something is stuck.  Or it makes a lot of squeaking noise. 

Every jade roller is checked to make sure it is in good condition, rolls smoothly and quietly before we pack it to ship to  you.  But sometimes something happens in transit.  Perhaps the mail carrier left them in the heat for a long time, or they went through a combination of cold-hot-wet-dry weather, and the metal parts expanded or changed. 

There's nothing "wrong" with it.  We include an information sheet about how to adjust your jade roller.  They are made by hand by our jade carver in China, and you might want it to roll more smoothly, or you might want it to not roll smoothly because you are working on tight body areas.  If you didn't see the information sheet, here's a video about how to easily adjust your jade roller.



08 Jul '17

Ying Yu Jade Gua Sha Tool with Comb for your Scalp and Brain Health

One of the jade gua sha tools is getting more attention the past few months.  It's the tool that has a "comb" on one edge.

Jade combs are not really made for combing your hair.  They are meant for stimulating your scalp.  I keep one on my night stand and use it every morning before I get up, running the "comb" points over my scalp.  This use stimulates the scalp and can improve hair growth, especially as you age.  It also stimulates your brain.  What could be more wonderful than a dose of jade on your brain, first thing in the morning!

When the hot summer weather started here in central Florida in May, and I was getting my hair cut by my regular stylist, I told her I wanted to keep it long enough to wear it in a clip, or band "pony tail style".  She suggested I not clip it near the top of my hair because my hair was thinning and wearing a clip would make my hair loss more prominent.  That's when I ordered more of these jade gua sha tools with the comb from my jade carver.  I keep it handy in the bathroom near my hair styling tools, and use the comb part to stimulate my scalp, being careful to not pull hair out, but to feel the "teeth" on my head.  It really does feel good to use jade to stimulate my scalp, so I do it a couple of times each day.  It looks like my  scalp doesn't show as much as it used to. 

There's a video on the jade gua sha tool with comb product page.  Click on the comb photo above.  Take a look!  This is good for everyone.



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