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"Make an Offer" Like You Are Jade Shopping in China

When you shop in jade markets in China, there are usually no prices on jade items.   Jade is not like diamonds, gold, where the price is based on carat and karat weight and size.  You ask the price, when you hear the response you can make an offer.  If your offer is not accepted, you "bargain" until you both agree on a price. 

Ying Yu Jade  shoppers are welcome to make an offer on jade items they want to purchase.  Here's how to do it.  First,  set up an account on Ying Yu Jade  with name and address so we know the country you are in for shipping purposes. Add the item you would like to make an offer on to your cart. Continue to the next step, but don't "complete the purchase".  Then send an email to us at  yingyujade@yingyujade.com with the item number and description of the item, and the price you offer for purchase.  We will respond to you as soon as we can with either acceptance of your offer, or another price.  If your offer is accepted, the discount will be added to the item in your cart.

Keep in mind that the price listed on the jade item includes the amount we paid for it, shipping if we had to ship it back to USA while we were shopping in China, the price we pay to accept your payment on the web site, the cost of taking the photos, editing them and writing the description.  And please do not make an offer on a sale, already discounted item.

Make an Offer sales are final.

Questions?  Send us an email.