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Clearance Jade

Clearance jade that is too "good" to dispose of.  All of the jade in the clearance collection is usable, wearable and  good quality.  Most of the "imperfections" are actually what should be expected of a natural, hand crafted stone.  There's an ancient Chinese saying:  "the jade carver always leaves something behind", and the clearance collection includes some of the more obvious "left behinds".  If you purchase a clearance jade item that has a crack which still makes it wearable or usable, and it breaks within 30 days of receipt as you use or wear it, contact us at yingyujade @ yingyujade.com and when you return it we will issue you a store credit equal the price you paid. 

And keep in mind Ying Yu Jade philosophy:  we sell on the kind of jade that we would personally wear and use.