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Vintage, Estate, and Pre-Owned Jade

The jade pieces in this collection are vintage, estate, and / or pre-owned.  Most of the jade in this collection has a story behind it.  Some were traded to me while I was in China, often for my clothes, my handbag and contents, my "American" things when people approached me while riding on trains, or when I was in hotels and the hotel staff knew I was on a buying trip.  Some pieces were discovered at the regular "yard sales" in USA,  digging through boxes of collections from elderly or deceased relatives.  And some were traded to me from Asian and Chinese people who didn't have family to pass them to, or could no longer wear a special jade bangle bracelet because of body changes as they age.  The condition of each is described.  Sales are final.  They are truly one of a kind, and one only of each.