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Chinese "River Jade" Natural Color Bangle Bracelets

Chinese "River Jade"  bracelets are carved exclusively for Ying Yu Jade. They are made from all natural old river jade from northern China , and carved in the traditional style by hand. You can feel the slight imperfections that make these original and unique, and the kind of jade bangle that is cherished for its traditional cultural history. Bracelets like these have been worn by Chinese women for centuries, long before Burmese jadeite was introduced to China. The beautiful deep color is all natural and is caused by the minerals in the rivers where this jade is found. The region is remote, and we are fortunate to have a supplier get them for YYJ
Due to the minerals for the color, this jade is not always highly polished to keep its natural appearance and may not have a "perfect" finish.  but this is not considered to be a flaw, it is part of the natural-ness of jade and hand carving and polishing process.
A collectors jade bangle bracelet you can wear every day

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How to Measure to Find Your Jade Bangle Bracelet Size