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Ying Yu Jade Rollers for Health and Beauty

Jade rollers are used to improve circulation and smooth out the body qi energy. Using jade rollers regularly helps to break fascia to relieve pain. Jade rollers not only improve health by using the roller, but also with the qi energy of he jade itself.

They are also used to create a more beautiful appearance. Check out our Ying Yu Jade Exclusive "Frown Ease Wrinkle Reducers".

Ying Yu Jade rollers are pure and natural jade. They are hand carved and assembled and each will be slightly different.  Our jade carver buys the rough jade stone from the jade mine, and hand carves them with minimal machinery to retain the natural-ness of the jade.  Jade is stone, and stone that is hand crafted might not always be "perfect" like molded or plastics are.  There may be some unevenness in the jade, from the natural stone or carving procedure.  You may see small nicks in the jade where it is connected to the metal, but this will not affect the therapeutic work of using the jade roller.  Overall the jade rollers are polished smoothly.