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Sale-Chinese Medicine Professional Practitioners  Ying Yu Jade Acupressure "Needles" Roller

Sale-Chinese Medicine Professional Practitioners Ying Yu Jade Acupressure "Needles" Roller

$ 31.00 

Professional practitioners acu-roller, with tiny "needles" to work the acupoints. This is a big and heavy jade roller, 7" length with a 3" roller, a YYJ design with pure and natural jade. Each jade roller is slightly different because they are natural and hand carved. The "needles" on the roller head may vary slightly but are overall evenly spaced to perform properly.   Jade is stone, and stone that is hand crafted might not always be "perfect" like molded or plastics are. There may be some unevenness in the jade, from the natural stone or carving procedure. You may see small nicks in the jade where it is connected to the metal, but this will not affect the therapeutic work of using the jade roller. 

Ying Yu Jade rollers are hand made by a Chinese home business. We order them directly from the crafters so we can offer a better quality than is sold commercially. We pack well, but sometimes the roller falls out of the metal holder during shipping to you. Jade rollers are designed this way so that you, the practitioner, can adjust them to your application. You can adjust the rolling action from loose to tighter which requires more pressure. You can remove the roller for cleaning. If your roller is noisy, you can apply a drop of massage or baby oil on the indentation of the roller where it connects with the metal. If the roller detaches from the metal holder during shipping, you can put it back in the metal holder and gently squeeze until it is adjusted to the tension you require. If the handle detaches from the roller head, you can use superglue to put it back on. Basic care information is included with your order.

Genuine and natural Chinese jade, the color may be slightly different.

These are heavy and additional shipping charges may apply.

Jade rollers are personal items, and sales are final.

Shipping to USA addresses only unless you upgrade to  Priority or Express Mail (due to weight)