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Traditional Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets

Natural Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets.  Chinese jade is sometimes called "nephrite".  It is genuine and natural jade, used in China for centuries.

The classic style of jade bangle bracelet is the round-all-around shape.  During modern times, Chinese women prefer to wear jade bangles that are flat inside because of the comfort.   There are referred to as "Modern Jade Bangle Bracelets".

Jade bangle bracelets for babies and children are popular in China, Asia and world wide.  The best kind of jade is this Chinese jade, because it is the same kind of jade Chinese medicine health tools are made from.  When the child is older, she can wear the small jade bangle as a pendant, and it will be special to her.

The natural traditional Chinese jade is also carved with patterns and symbols.  Jade bangle bracelets in the "Dynasty Style" often include double dragons, symbol of Earth and Protection.  Jade carving also includes "bamboo" and "knot" style.  Each one of these are slightly different because they are hand carved.   

A very popular jade bangle bracelet is the deep deep green, almost black jade.  Black jade is symbol of protection.  Some of our deep deep almost black jade is the "luminous" kind, very unique, usually used for tea cups but our jade carver had some remnants he was able to carve into bangle bracelets.

You might ask:  "What does my jade bangle mean".  Each is slightly different, and there is a description on each style.

And all our genuine and natural and real jade.    Carved in Ying Yu Jade workshop in China

How to Measure to Find Your Jade Bangle Bracelet Size, Sizing information