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Wholesale Jade "Yoni" Eggs and Jade Ben Wa Balls for Kegel Exercise and Wellness

Wholesale genuine and natural color jade "yoni" eggs and ben wa balls for sale.  

These jade eggs and ben wa balls are made from the same jade that traditional Chinese medicine health tools like jade rollers, jade gua sha tools are made from.  A Chinese doctor worked with me about the correct sizing for women.  If jade eggs and ben wa balls are too large, they will accomplish the opposite of what is intended.  Objects that are too large for kegel exercise can cause the vagina to stretch when the intention is to tighten.  And that can also be damaging, as well as causing insensitivity to "normal" sexual activity.

The jade eggs and ben wa balls are carved by Ying Yu  jade carver in China.  He purchases the jade directly from the mine, and carves the eggs and balls to our specifications. 

Natural jade, each one is slightly different.  Read the descriptions for sizes. 

Free shipping to USA addresses

Jade eggs and ben wa balls are very personal items, and sales are final.  You would not want to purchase a personal item like these if you knew we had returns and were reselling them!

More information and videos are on the retail jade egg and ben wa balls pages..