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Genuine Natural Chinese Jade "Yoni" Eggs and Ben Wa Balls for Women

Jade eggs  and ben wa balls are designed for women who want an alternative for kegel exercise and to improve vaginal strength and lubrication.

Do you know that most women have not learned the correct way to exercise Kegel?  When you exercise the wrong muscles, those muscles that stop the flow of urine, you can cause more medical problems. Ying Yu jade will include the correct method to exercise the Kegel muscles, for women and men.

A Chinese doctor and I designed these to be the best size for women. He says that using the eggs is "vaginal kung fu" because it strengthens and tones and gives that part of the body more power and feeling of well being. Doing kegal exercises is easier when you have an object for feedback about what you're doing. Most people who do kegals aren't doing them with enough effort, and these can help. And jade is related to the body qi, energy. Jade energy is healing to the body, and jade qi and body qi work together. That's one of the reasons Chinese people love jade. It's natural stone, smooth, and is compatible with the body.

In additional to kegel exercise, using jade eggs or benwa balls helps increase vaginal lubrication and moisture for every day comfort as well as for sexual intercourse.

Chinese culture and literature eludes to the lost Daoist art of "vaginal kung fu", using the "Female Deer Exercise" to lift small weights to make the vaginal muscles "kung fu" strong. The end result is youthfulness and longevity for women, and giving and receiving extreme orgasmic pleasure.  To practice vaginal kung fu, you will need the set of three drilled jade eggs.

For general use, using the jade eggs for a few minutes daily, like in the morning or before you go to bed, will improve your vaginal health. Women who experience leaking urine often see results in 2-3 weeks. Jade eggs and ben wa balls give you feedback because to do kegel exercise correctly, you need to "lift" the pelvic floor, then squeeze, and the balls give you something to "lift".

Older women past menopause often need to use estrogen cream or other lubricants to be comfortable not only during intercourse, but in their every day lives. A too-dry vagina can cause discomfort due to atrophy, and can lead to irritations, infections, urinary incontinence and abdominal pain.

The sizes of the jade eggs vary. If your vagina is very dry, you may want to start with the smallest size until you start seeing results, then use a larger size. If you are trying to tone your vagina after childbirth, you may want to start with the largest size so you can feel it and get feedback from your exercise.

If you want to use them with weights, start with the largest size, and then as you can lift more weight, use the smallest size which will be more challenging.
You can choose jade eggs or ben wa drilled with hole if you require easy removal, and plain dental floss is recommended. You can use the string for 4asy removal, or use the string to attach to one of the other eggs to use a weight for weightlifting.

To clean, wash after using with soap and water, and wrap them in a soft cloth. Jade doesn't like the high heat of boiling and boiling will damage the structure of the jade stone, and the qi energy. There is another jade egg seller who sells eggs drilled through the length of the eggs, and these kinds of eggs must be boiled because the hole is too long to be able to clean. That's the reason these jade eggs are drilled though the top, for cleanliness and hygiene.

No returns on these, for obvious reasons!.

These are pure and natural jade (nephrite) and the color of the eggs you receive will vary.  The size is based on Chinese medicine practice.  Although there are larger sizes being sold on other sites, larger jade eggs will damage the nerve endings in the vagina and stretch the area to an unhealthy size.  The jade used for the eggs for women is light green "yin" color because that is the kind of qi energy compatible for women's health and wellness.  Sometimes a "yang" darker green egg or ben wa ball is indicated, and you should discuss using darker green eggs with your health provider because dark green eggs and balls are not for general use. 

We ship discretely, plain envelope or box, and if you are an international customer, we use "beads" as the contents description. You will notice wax on the eggs. When jade is polished, it is also waxed, and the wax helps protect from scratches during shipping.

You can remove the waxy residue with hot water and soap.

Basic instructions for using jade eggs, ben wa balls here

Video Using Jade Eggs and Ben Wa Balls


 Jade: Light or Dark Green? Yin or Yang? What does it mean? Which kind for me?

The Chinese have used the harmony of jade to balance their bodies for centuries. Light green is "yin" and for eggs and ben wa balls yin calms strong such as the urge to go, useful after childbirth or surgery.. "Yang" is stronger energy and helpful for dryness, lack of tone. The yin yang dark and light set have qualities of both yin and yang.