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Jade Gua Sha Tools and Chinese Medicine Health Tools for Acupressure

Jade Gua Sha tools for traditional Chinese treatment. Ying Yu Jade brought jade gua sha tools to the USA in 2002. They have been designed using traditional shape and with consultation of Dr Charles Li in Beijing, using high quality medical grade jade and substantial to use professionally.
Jade balances and protects the body qi. It is yin/yang, cool but warms to the body temperature.

Unlike buffalo horn tools, no animals were sacrificed to make these. The shapes are related to the Five Elements in Chinese medicine,and the curves and straight areas relate to yin and yang for balance when you are using them.
These are natural and will all be slightly different. 
If you are an energy healer, consider wearing a cool, beautiful Chinese jade bangle bracelet made from this same jade to keep your body qi balanced
Hand carved, each slightly different and size approximate, jade color will vary

After you complete your gua sha treatment, be sure to smooth the qi you raised during the treatment. This helps the body to become balanced. Jade rollers are a good tool to use to smooth the qi, roll over the area you used gua sha

Legend of Jade Gua Sha Tools

The barefoot doctors in China were rarely paid in cash and didn't have money to pay for traditional gua sha tools. They were able to obtain scrap from jade carvers which they used as gua sha tools. The jade carvers still make the gua sha tools slightly rough and add gouges in the tradition of the barefoot doctor's "scrap" jade healing gua sha tool.