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Jade "Needles" for Acupressure Set of 5

Jade "Needles" for Acupressure Set of 5

$ 45.00

Jade needles are used as an alternative to invasive skin piercing needless for "acupuncture without needles". Acupuncture without needles is indicated for babies and children, chronic illness, people who fear having needles used on them, and for practitioners who do not use invasive techniques.

Jade needles can also be used as a self help treatment for your patients. While you wouldn't give them a pack of acupuncture needles to take home, you can sell a jade needle and teach them to use it to accelerate their treatment.

For example, a patient diagnosed with excess sugar and spleen damage, who has bunions, what the Japanese refer to as "sugar foot" may benefit from acupuncture or acupressure at SP2. It may be too painful to perform tui na acupressure, but a jade needle will stimulate SP2. You can teach your patient to locate SP2 and they can use a jade needle for daily treatment until their next appointment with you.

Jade has been used in Chinese medicine practice for centuries because of the strong relationship between jade qi and body qi. If you are an intuitive practitioner, the jade qi will help you locate the appropriate acupuncture point and you will feel the qi connection when it is on the point. Chinese jade healing tools include jade gua sha tools, jade rollers, pointers for acupoint stimulation, jade combs, and jade ben wa balls and jade eggs for kegel exercise.

Use basic tui na massage techniques with the jade needles.

To use jade needles on acupoints that should be gently stimulated, like H7 Shen Men for insomnia, anxiety, and palpatations, place the jade needle on H7 and gently press for 5 seconds, then release for 5 seconds, and continue until you feel the qi flow smoothly.

To stimulate a point more strongly, for example BL 13 Fei Shu for asthma, press the jade needle more deeply and using a twisting motion for 10-15 second, then release and repeat until the qi flows smoothly.

Clean the jade needles with soap and water, or using other disinfectant. Store them carefully so they don't become chipped or cracked. Never boil jade.

The jade needle set comes with an assortment of light green "yin" and dark green "yang" jade needles. The jade needles are pure and natural, and color will vary. The size is approximately 8 cm, and size and thickness vary.

Set of 5 needles approximately 80mm each.  Natural jade, each is slightly different