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Sale-Jade Acupressure Stimulator Ring - Chinese Medicine

Sale-Jade Acupressure Stimulator Ring - Chinese Medicine

$ 25.00 

Pure and natural Chinese jade acupressure ring with three different edges for acupressure treatment of your hands and body.. Approximately 48mm and 10mm thick, very substantial.  Genuine and natural Chinese jade.  Each ring is different, the light green often has small darker green veins for "yang" to work with the "yin".

You can use the different areas of the jade acupressure ring to work different points on your body.  A point can be applied directly to an acupoint.  A ridged edge can be used to scrape an acupressure point, or a small area.  These can be used with jade gua sha tools.    

The photos show an average size woman's and man's hand for size orientation.

Carry in your pocket to use throughout the day to keep your qi flowing smoothly. Watch video for suggested use. They can be used on various parts of the body.