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Ying Yu Jade Deluxe Medium Jade Roller

Ying Yu Jade Deluxe Medium Jade Roller

$ 23.00

Deluxe model Ying Yu Jade roller, with lots of jade for strength, and a handle that is easy to grasp.  The handle also has a rounded end to use to apply pressure to the face and body.  The roller is approximately 2" across and .75" thick.  The length of the roller is approximately 5".  The metal that holds the roller is harder than the standard model so you can apply slightly more pressure without the roller part detaching. And the quality of the genuine, natural Chinese jade is very excellent quality.

These are made in Ying Yu Jade carving shop in China and made for personal and professional use.
These are better quality than most jade rollers because we sell them world wide to spas and professional healers. Our jade carvers have 15 years experience make jade rollers to the quality people expect to receive.

The jade rollers are checked to make sure they roll smoothly and quietly before we ship to you. If you need to adjust your jade roller,  view the short video on the YYJ Blog

Genuine and natural Chinese jade, the color may be slightly different.

Jade rollers are personal items, and sales are final.