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15 Aug '17

How to Adjust Your Ying Yu Jade Roller to Roll Smoothly and Quietly

You received your jade roller, unpack it, and realize that it doesn't roll smoothly.  It seems "stiff" and like something is stuck.  Or it makes a lot of squeaking noise. 

Every jade roller is checked to make sure it is in good condition, rolls smoothly and quietly before we pack it to ship to  you.  But sometimes something happens in transit.  Perhaps the mail carrier left them in the heat for a long time, or they went through a combination of cold-hot-wet-dry weather, and the metal parts expanded or changed. 

There's nothing "wrong" with it.  We include an information sheet about how to adjust your jade roller.  They are made by hand by our jade carver in China, and you might want it to roll more smoothly, or you might want it to not roll smoothly because you are working on tight body areas.  If you didn't see the information sheet, here's a video about how to easily adjust your jade roller.



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