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27 Apr '15

Where are the Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets???

Posted by Ying Yu Jade in Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets

Jade lovers alert!  You may wonder where the jadeite bangle bracelets are.  The bad news is that they are not listed yet.  But the good news is that on this new format it's possible to have more than one photo of the items.  The process will be to make sure we actually do have the jade bangle in stock.  Sometimes when we make special arrangements with customers to purchase a jade bangle, we neglect to remove it from the web site.  So making sure it's available for purchase is number one priority.  The second priority is to recheck each one to make sure it's genuine jadeite and natural color.  We will use a gemology refraction device to test for authenticity, and if it's not a jade bangle I personally purchased on a shopping trip in China, directly from the jade carver as he was making them, they will go to the GIA gemologist I work with for a test.  Then photographs so you can see the jade bangle at its best.  These old mine vintage jadeite bangles, mostly from the years 2001-2005, are very rare to find and the value has increased, so they are not cheap to buy and you will want to see them as accurately as possible.  Some jade bangles may have only one photo, but we hope to have at least two views available.  All this will take some time, and as we add them, the plan is to place them in a "new items" category. 

If you just can't wait to look at jade, get your "jade fix" for the day, you can visit our new Jade Heaven web site, where we will move some of the Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets on YYJ to for more exposure.  http://jadeheaven.com  

So yes, the jadeite bangles bracelets are returning!

20 Apr '15

Welcome to the New Ying Yu Jade

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

On the month of our 15th anniversary of selling jade, we have updated our Ying Yu Jade web site to offer the most up to date features.  The web site now has improved organization for you to find the jade you are shopping for.  The web site has the most up to date technology for viewing and purchasing on mobile devices.  And your credit card payment is secure.  In fact, we do not collect any credit card information, the process is completely automated so we never see your credit card information. 

We appreciate your comments and feedback. We want to provide an awesome jade shopping experience.  Contact us at
yingyujade @ yingyujade.com and we will respond quickly.

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