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03 Jan '16

Jade for Lunar New Year Collection

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

We completed  a Collection of jade that is auspicious for Chinese New Year.  It's the "Red Fire Monkey" Collection.

Lunar New Year will be here soon.  It's very auspicious to wear traditional jade to celebrate.  February 8 begins the Year of the Red Fire Monkey (which we will sometimes refer to as "spunky monkey"). This collection will be auspicious Fire Monkey Year jade.  

Of course, "Fu Lu Shou" three color jade is the traditional color combination for Lunar New Year and celebrations.  Fu Lu and Shou are the gods of happiness, luck and wealth, and health and longevity.  Ying Yu Jade offers some very rare, genuine and natural fu lu shou jade. 

Characteristics of Monkey People
People born in the year of the monkey are lively, flexible, witty and versatile with strong practical ability.
They love to be active and they enjoy sports.
Often highly intelligent, they are talented problem solvers, and are self-assured, sociable and innovative.
They love being the centre of attention and have a magnetic personality.
Monkey people have an insatiable desire for knowledge and show amazing creativity in their work.
They like challenges and love to succeed, although they can be discouraged if things don't go their way.
Monkeys are mischievous; they are masters of the practical joke (though they can sometimes take things too far)
They tend to be healthy (probably due to their active lifestyle) but should remember to take a break from their busy schedule now and again.
Negative traits are that they can be jealous, suspicious, cunning, arrogant and impatient, and tend to look down on others.

2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey, fire being the dominant element this year.

31 Dec '15

What Kind of Jade Do Chinese People Wear on the New Year?

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

"Fu Lu Shou" three color jade is the traditional kind of jade Chinese people wear for the new year and holidays.

Fu Lu and Shou are the Chinese gods of happiness, good luck and wealth, and wellness and longevity. The usual fu lu shou colors are green, white and a red hue, such as "hong" or honey.

Genuine and natural fu lu shou three color jadeite is rare.  Ying Yu Jade offers several fu lu shou jadeite pieces in the vintage and pre-owned collection, as well as in pendants.

It's expensive, but very auspicious, and will increase in value as it becomes more rare.

10 Jul '15

Jade for July

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

If you wear "jade as medicine", or just love jade for hot weather, read the Jade Blogger for the best kind of jade to balance your body qi this month

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