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31 Dec '15

What Kind of Jade Do Chinese People Wear on the New Year?

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

"Fu Lu Shou" three color jade is the traditional kind of jade Chinese people wear for the new year and holidays.

Fu Lu and Shou are the Chinese gods of happiness, good luck and wealth, and wellness and longevity. The usual fu lu shou colors are green, white and a red hue, such as "hong" or honey.

Genuine and natural fu lu shou three color jadeite is rare.  Ying Yu Jade offers several fu lu shou jadeite pieces in the vintage and pre-owned collection, as well as in pendants.

It's expensive, but very auspicious, and will increase in value as it becomes more rare.

10 Jul '15

Jade for July

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

If you wear "jade as medicine", or just love jade for hot weather, read the Jade Blogger for the best kind of jade to balance your body qi this month

Jade Blogger

07 May '15

Earn Rewards on Your Purchases

Posted by Ying Yu Jade in Reward program
Something new!  Now you can earn rewards on your purchases from Ying Yu Jade.  You can't miss the sign up box because it keeps popping up, I haven't "tamed" it yet.  Click the black box on the left for details.  Good for credit card purchases you make on Ying Yu Jade.