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15 Jan '16

Chinese Health Secrets for Winter and Jade Gua Sha for Health

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

I am allergic to the flu shot for protection during the winter.  Even if I weren't allergic to it, I don't think I would get it because I found a Chinese health secret that I think works better, and is natural and safe to use.

There's an acupuncture point, GV14, Da Zhui, at the base of the neck, on top of the spine that Chinese doctors stimulate to avoid colds and flu and to help recover from them.  I rub this point every day as part of my qigong practice.  And if I feel the hint of a cold, I rub it often during the day.

Using a jade gua sha tool to stimulate your acupuncture point can keep you healthy naturally.  And relieve pain and other problems if you suffer from them.  Some people scrape their meridians 2-3 times a week with jade gua sha tools to keep their qi moving smoothly. They are very helpful tools. 

I learned about them the first time I went to China in 1999.  I was exhausted from the long trip from USA, had jet lag and trouble adjusting to the 12 hour time difference.  I was sitting in a class about Chinese medicine, and a doctor performed a jade gua sha treatment on my back, and it was so effective, I was hooked.  And found a jade carver to make these to sell online.

This weekend, 15% discount on jade gua sha tools.  See the Daily Special for the coupon code.


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