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16 Dec '22

Ying Yu Jade Accredited by Better Business Bureau!

Posted by Kathleen Knoderer
Ying Yu Jade has been accredited by Better Business Bureau! BBB reviewed our listings, products, policies and more. They saw the certificates of Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets. They saw that jade was also tested in our office by an official refraction meter for testing gemstones. They know we are selling genuine and natural Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite. So feel safe shopping with us! We ship promptly. We help our customers with exchanges. And have policies if a refund is requested.
Enjoy shopping Ying Yu Jade.
Genuine and Natural Chinese Jade and Burmese Jadeite
20 Aug '22

Jade Acu-Roller and Gua Sha Improves Nerves, Muscle and Stroke Damage

When I traveled to China, I always met with my Chinese jade doctor who worked with my jade carver to make jade gua sha tools, jade rollers, other jade health tools to Chinese medicine standards for Ying Yu Jade.  He took me to a Chinese hospital and showed me patients being treated for nerve damage, muscle damage and more with these jade rollers and gua sha. 

Recently a friend who is recovering from a stroke and goes to physical therapy was frustrated because she is doing everything to get stronger, but cannot get nerves in lower leg and foot to get the feeling again. She is not a "jade lover" but agreed to try using the jade acu-roller, shown in the photo and a jade gua sha scraper.  Chinese jade has been used for centuries in China for healing because the jade  has good "qi energy". She uses the gua sha to "scrape" the entire leg where the nerves are damaged until she "feels" activity there.  Then she rollers the large roller with small "needles" over the same area until she "feels" more.  She does this several times daily, and is finally getting "feeling" back because muscle is improving and nerves are healing.  Now she can do more physical therapy to improve the muscle strength.

Ying Yu Jade introduced jade rollers and gua sha tools to USA 23 years ago.  Of course, now there is a lot of "jade" gua sha and rollers made with "fake jade".  But if you want genuine and natural Chinese jade, you are guaranteed to get this on Ying Yu Jade.  

Ying Yu Jade has a variety of jade rollers, large medium and small, as well as the large heavier "acu roller" that has the "needles" like used for acupuncture.

And there is a selection of jade gua sha tools to choose from.  They all work well, and you choose the tool that appeals to you, because your qi is attracted to it.

More information of jade gua sha tools here.

More information of jade rollers here.

25 Jul '22

How to Use Jade Eggs, Ben Wa Balls For Kegel, Vaginal Health - Basic Instructions

Ying Yu Jade
Join the Kegel Revolution : The Right Way to Do a Kegel Exercise

Most women have been taught that to do a Kegel pelvic floor exercise, they should simply squeeze the muscles you feel when you stop the flow of urine.  And most men are under the impression that pelvic floor exercise isn't for them.   

Pelvic floor weakness affects both men and women.  And what we have learned is that squeezing the muscles that stop the flow of urine often leads to tightening the wrong muscles which can lead to medical problems, including urinary incontinence and pain during sex,  pelvic organ prolapse, and more problems.  

The Right Way to Do Kegel Exercise  

Imagine the pelvic floor muscles between your two sitting bones.  Inhale, and while you exhale, draw the muscles together as if they were two halves of an elevator door closing to meet in the middle.  Once the "door is closed", lift the elevator up and then release.  Now, imagine the pelvic floor muscles between your pubic bone and tailbone.  Inhale, and when you exhale draw those muscles together in the same elevator door fashion, lift the elevator, then release.  Now draw all four elevator doors together at once, meeting at one point in the middle, then lift and release.  Repeat five times, then rest.  Practice this 2-3 times per week.  

Practice Tip  

It's tricky to locate your pelvic floor muscles.  Start by picturing them as a "hammock" that's slung between your sitting bones, and another between your pubic bone and tailbone.   To feel them, stand tall, feet shoulder width apart, and firm the outer shins in to your midline.  This gives you greater ability to firm the outer hips, which in turn gives you increased access to your pelvic floor.  

Use Your Jade Eggs or Ben Wa Balls Today
Don't put them in a drawer for "later"

              * Wash with warm soapy water to remove wax and residue
              * Empty your bladder
              * Do your kegel exercise
              * You can keep them in for 15-20 minutes to improve muscle strength and get the                        benefits of jade qi energy
              * Remove, wash with warm soapy water, dry with a soft cloth

              * Leave your jade in natural daylight, but not direct sunlight to keep the jade qi energy               active.  Never boil in hot water.  

27 Jan '22

Chinese New Year "Tiger" What Kind of Jade Should I Buy?

Posted by Kathleen Knoderer

Chinese Lunar New Years starts February 1, 2022. It is the "Year of the Tiger" (Water element)
What is the lucky color for 2022 New Year?
Cerulean blue, fiery red, mint green and imperial yellow are the lucky colors for 2022. These colors are derived from the four elements of Feng Shui — wood (primary element of the tiger), water (element of the year 2022), fire, earth and the Yang polarity

People born in a year of the Tiger are predicted to be brave, competitive, unpredictable, and confident.
Jade Tiger pendants are awesome to wear during Year of Tiger.  And Ying Yu Jade has unique "Tiger Tooth" jade pendants.

Lunar New Year is a great time to wear jade flowers, as Spring is coming.  Choose Chinese jade or Burmese jadeite.

Shop for special jade for Year of Tiger for happy, healthy and good fortune!

20 Oct '21

What Kind of Jade Should I Buy for Gifts?

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Ying Yu Jade sells a variety of jade items, from jade rollers, jade ben wa balls, to jade carvings like jade "Money Toad" for good luck and fortune, to jade jewelry, and our best selling items jade bangle bracelets.  Unless you know the receiver's size of jade bangle, it's better to buy a jade gift that doesn't rely on size.

Ying Yu Jade "Deal of the Day" includes jade items that make great gifts. And we have recently added some new items that we had "stashed away" because we are tempted to keep them for ourselves!  Those include items that are not jade, like the Yixing clay teapot in the photo.  Sometimes if "Deal of the Day" has great gift items that do not get sold out at the discounted price, they will be added to the Sale-Gifts for Holidays collection.

Don't miss out checking daily for "Deal of the Day" and Gifts for Holidays, for a great gift (and maybe something special for YOU!).

And make your purchase as soon as possible, because shipping companies are getting more busy and slower,  USPS first class takes a week to 10 days now.  Upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority mail for more reliability.

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