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11 Nov '16

Ying Yu Jade Gift Guide: Jade Gifts for Men

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Men are "Dragon" in Chinese culture, they are yang qi energy.  But even the most yang men need some yin for balance.  And jade makes a good gift, with balancing and healing properties.  Here are some Ying Yu Jade favorites for gifts for men.

Jade bangle bracelets are always a good gift for anyone.  YYJ offers large/men's size jade bangles. You can do a search for a jade bangle like this one NJ2362 by writing "men's" or "large bangle" in the search box on the upper left of each page. 

Jade pendants, like this black jade "dragon brings wealth" Chinese jade pendant are yang, large enough for men.  YYJ also sells knotted adjustable silk cords that men love to wear their pendant on.  Use the word "dragon" to search for dragon jade pendants.

Chinese Lunar New Year begins January 28, 2017 and is the "Year of the Fire Cock".
Limited quantity of jade rooster-cock-chicken pendants, so when you see one you like, don't wait to purchase it.

 Jade carvings, like the classic jade "money toad" are cherished because they are symbolic of wealth and luck.  The jade carving collection is here.


Looking for something vintage, one of a kind and special?  Check our vintage and pre-owned collection for items like the nephrite jade cufflinks, and fabulous jade carved belt buckle.

Explore the many jade items on Ying Yu Jade and you will find a very special jade gift for that very special man in your life.

11 Nov '16

"Ying Yu" Jewelry Box

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Blog readers often ask me "what's in MY jewelry box?". What kind of jewelry do I like to wear?  And what kind of jade do I like to wear?  I personally have at least 100 jade bangle bracelets.  Every time I shop for jade in China, and later when I take the jade out to get photographed and listed, I tend to hoard certain pieces, even if they are not my size. 

I also like "regular" jewelry, and have a considerable collection of necklaces, pendants, bracelets and odd one-of-a-kind pieces I buy at street fairs, things that are made by jewelry lovers.  And when I travel, I always purchase at least one item as a special reminder of the trip or cruise.

When I lived in Tucson, Arizona, it was before I knew about jade, and I was enthralled by turquoise, and the turquoise and silver jewelry made by Native American people.  I loved exploring the desert, driving through the mountains, wandering in areas that had interesting rocks.  And that's where I found the genuine, hand crafted turquoise and silver pieces I just couldn't get enough of.

I've been working on downsizing my life, especially after the storm damaged our home and we had a new one built the summer of 2016.  Furniture, clothing, home goods and nick nacks have been sorted through and downsized, some of it was very difficult, but necessary.  So now I'm downsizing my jewelry box.  Not only my "regular" jewelry, but also jade bangle bracelets.  Some of my hoarded jade bangles aren't even my size, but I love them.  And I know they should be on a wrist, not in boxes and  that I will never actually wear.

So I'm slowly adding jewelry to the "Ying Yu Jewelry Box Collection".  Most of it is vintage, and it's mostly unique.  And priced to "share" with you.


21 Sep '16

Ying Yu Jade Rollers are Best Quality

Posted by Ying Yu Jade
Ying Yu Jade has been selling jade rollers since the year 2000.  My Chinese doctor in Beijing and I went to "jade country", a 16 hour train ride, then four hour bus ride to the jade mines.  We found a jade carver who has been working with YYJ and understands the kind of quality Western people expect.  Occasionally he develops a new design that is not only attractive, but has its role in Chinese medicine, keeping the qi flowing smoothly. During the month of September, YYJ will offer special prices on the jade rollers, and Today's Special will occasionally feature really really good prices for the day.  The jade is genuine and natural Chinese jade, good color, and good healing qi energy.
18 Jun '16

What Kind of Yoni Jade Eggs Should Women Use?

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Ying Yu Jade used to be the only seller of jade eggs for women in USA.  And then jade eggs became very popular, and more online sellers wanted to also sell jade eggs.  That's when the information about the kind of jade to use for eggs started getting very confusing.  I did an online search today and read about the jade material other sellers were promoting.  For example, there's a seller who insists that dark green nephrite jade with certification is the only kind of real jade that women should use.  Nephrite is a kind of jade, it's often very dark green and looks like what you would expect jade to look like if you didn't know very much about jade.  

The truth is, any kind of stone or ben wa ball will be helpful for women doing kegel exercise if they do the kegel exercise the correct way.  Doing kegel exercise incorrectly can actually cause problems and make your pelvic area less healthy.  So the number one thing women need to know is to do kegel exercise correctly.  When you order jade eggs or ben wa ball from Ying Yu Jade, you will get the most up to date information about kegel exercise obtained from a gynecology researcher.

I learned about jade eggs for women's health when I went to China to learn Chinese medicine in the year 1999.  And that's when I met a Chinese doctor who showed me about the jade eggs women in China and Asia have been using for centuries.  The reason we sell the kind of jade for eggs and ben wa balls is because it is the kind of jade that is used by Chinese medicine doctors.  Chinese jade varies in color from very light green to deep dark green.  According to Chinese medicine, dark green jade used in gua sha scraping tools, jade needles, etc is high "yang" energy appropriate for men.  Women are yin (feminine energy) and the traditional kind of jade for women is a medium green.  When women get older, go through menopause, their compatible jade is now light green.  Your pelvic area has become more fragile and needs yin energy to treat it and strengthen it.  If you are a post menopausal women and use yang deep green jade, the qi energy from the jade is too strong for you, and may cause pain and problems.  It's like taking too much and too strong medicine.  

YYJ includes a set of jade eggs that the small and medium eggs are light green, and the large egg is darker green.  (Large=yang).  This set is good for post menopausal women who experience dryness and penetration is painful.  By using the yin small egg first to start becoming more moist, then moving to the medium egg to help expand the vagina, women can safely use the dark green yang egg because they have prepared and healed their body.

Jade eggs were developed as part of Chinese medicine.  Chinese jade is the most relevant kind of jade to use because it's also used for Chinese medicine tools.  You can use any kind of object, any kind of material, but if you are looking for a healing, healthy program that has been used for centuries in China and Asia, the jade eggs on Ying Yu Jade are what you are looking for.  They are genuine and natural.  When you hold them, you will feel the good qi energy and feel comfortable and happy about choosing them, and using them.

Jade Eggs and Ben Wa Balls for Women

12 Jun '16

Jade Ben Wa Balls or Jade Eggs? How to Use Jade Ben Wa Balls

For basic kegel exercise if you have no health problems, or want a natural treatment for menopause, post menopause, or after childbirth, the single jade egg or pair of jade ben wa balls is the basic health tool to use.  

You perform the basic kegel exercise using them.  If you are not sure how to use jade eggs or jade ben wa balls, you will receive the most up to date instructions when you receive your order from Ying Yu Jade.  Doing kegel exercise incorrectly can cause problems, so you want to make sure you are doing them correctly.  Ying Yu Jade has kept up with the most helpful kegel exercise both in China and US, and we send you a sheet with this information.

Below is a basic video about jade ben wa balls and jade eggs. They are pure and natural Chinese jade with qi energy that works naturally with your body.  Our jade carver has been making these since the year 2000, so we have much experience with providing the best jade for kegel exercise, and instructions for you.

 I recommend using jade ben wa balls or the single jade egg with no hole because you can remove them by squatting and squeezing them out, with perhaps the use of your finger to help remove them.  If you don't have a uterus, then you should use the jade eggs or ben wa balls drilled with hole.