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15 Jan '19

Chinese Lunar New Year 2019 - Year of the "Earth Pig" Jade for You!

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Chinese Lunar New Year is February 5, 2019.  It's the year of the "Earth Pig".  The earth Pig has an extremely kind and thoughtful nature and is sensible and realistic. The Earth Pig will go to great lengths to please their family, friends, employers and co-workers however they can.  Pigs are sometimes taken advantage of because of their kind qualities.  But they have the ability to overcome obstacles.

Of course jade Pig pendants are popular this season.

There is other jade that is also auspicious for Chinese New Year.

The jade "Money Toads" have been selling fast so they arrive before the new year.  They are kept in homes and offices for bringing prosperity.  The face of Toad should be towards the office, or family gathering area, never face Toad outwards.  A coin in Toad's mouth reminds him what his mission in life is.

Since this is year of Earth Pig, the Chinese "River Jade" Bangle bracelets are good to wear.  It's even better if the color includes brown, hong orange/red.

Any jade is auspicious to wear, use, give and receive during the lunar new year, and for most of us jade lover, every day!


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