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14 Dec '18

What Kind of Jade Makes a Good Gift - Christmas, Holidays, Special Occasions

People often ask me for suggestions on a good jade gift for Christmas, birthdays, other special occasions.   Jade bangle bracelets are often a favorite, but if you don't know that jade bangle size for your recipient, it can lead to disappointment for her, and for you, too.

I keep a jade gua sha tool with comb on my night stand.  And I use it almost every day.  When I wake up in the morning, and my brain feels fuzzy, I use the jade comb on my scalp for a few minutes.  It feels so good.  The comb stimulates not only the scalp, but also increases blood flow to the brain. 

If hair is dry, or too oily, the jade comb helps to balance.  Also, as one ages, hair tends to get more frizzy, and the jade comb and stimulation help improve the hair.

The gua sha tool part can be used for scraping the body.  It's great for improving neck pain.  And the indentation on one end can be used to stimulate the fingers and toes, improving circulation and pain.

And they are "cute".   The gift recipient will be surprised to see such a unique jade item.  You can add a pretty box and make it look even more special.

The jade combs are made by Ying Yu Jade carver in China who purchases genuine and natural jade from the jade mines, and carves each to high standards.  Due to the details of the comb, the carving taking a lot of careful work, so the price is actually very good considering the time it takes to carve each one.

So, what makes a good jade gift if you can't decide:  a jade comb gua sha tool.

And treat yourself with a jade comb!