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14 Mar '19

Ying Yu Jade Customer Service

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Ying Yu Jade has been selling jade online in USA since the year 2000.  Most of the Chinese jade is bought directly from the jade mines by our jade carver in China. Most of the Burmese jadeite was purchased during our shopping trips to China, from Guangzhou to near the Burma border, where we bargained for and purchased directly from the jade carver.  My associate in southern China is a member of the China Jade Association, and he has verified the Burmese jadeite as being genuine and natural.  The Burmese jadeite with certificates of gemology testing in China are newer jades, and my associate in China who is a government staff makes sure the testing is legitimate.

And we understand that there is so much "fake jade" for sale that as a customer you are very concerned that you get good quality, as described.

That's why we offer the personal and compassionate customer service.  I am a big online shopper, and know how I like to be treated as a customer, and treat customers the way I expect to be treated.

If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us shortly after you receive your order and we will either find a replacement for you, or send you return instructions for a refund or store credit minus the shipping costs.  If you purchase a jade bangle bracelet that doesn't fit right, we will help you find one that does and do our best to keep the return/shipping expenses at a minimum.

If you receive your Burmese jadeite and have it tested by a GIA gemologist and it is not genuine and natural as described,  contact us and we will reimburse you after we examine the certificate.  We have gemology testing equipment we use when we photograph and list each Burmese jadeite item.  But if we are selling something that is described  grade A natural color, but the color tests as not natural, we need to know so we can check out equipment here.  We are grateful that you let us know if there really is a problem.  

The online store does not have apps for reviews because most items are one of a kind, and when it sells, it's gone, so there is no place for a review.  Many customers send emails that let us know how happy they are with their purchase, and we copy the email and post in our "Review" sections.

Although we have a phone number listed in our Policy section,  we don't have someone available to take phone calls most of the time.  And we find that an email is more helpful than a phone call because then we have exactly what you want us to know that we can keep on file.  Contact us at 
yingyujade @ yingyujade.com  whenever you have a question, concern, or want to review a product you purchased.  With mobile technology, we are able to respond quickly.

Jade has qi energy that works with your body qi energy, so it's not "just jewelry".  Wearing jade that is natural and real is good for your body, mind and spirit and that's what we want for you.



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