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21 Sep '17

What Kind of Jade Should I Buy?

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Often new customers tell me they want to buy jade, they think it's beautiful and want to own jade, but they are not sure what they should buy. 

Ying Yu Jade offers jade you can wear, including jade bangle bracelets, jade pendants, jade necklaces and bead bracelets.  If you are looking for jade to wear, I think people who want jade will be most attracted to the jade piece that has the best qi energy for them.  For example, the "river jade" natural color Chinese jade bangle bracelets have colors related to the body's qi meridians, and if your qi is blocked, or one of your meridians is not balanced, you might be attracted to   An example is the Chinese jade bangle bracelet NJ2381 "Fire and Earth" that has qi energy for health and healing, overcoming adversity.  The description is on the product page: 

Maybe you need jade for specific health.  If you need to relax your forehead and improve the skin to keep it youthful and healthy, a jade mask might be just what you need.

If you are not sure what kind of jade you want, but you want to have a special jade piece, look around the web site.  You are welcome to contact us yingyujade @ yingyujade.com  and tell me what's going on with you, what you would like, and I can suggest a special piece to you.  

Jade can be a special piece, "medicine", or just something fun to have in your home and office.  And on Ying Yu Jade you will find unique, interested jade pieces.



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