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08 Jul '17

Ying Yu Jade Gua Sha Tool with Comb for your Scalp and Brain Health

One of the jade gua sha tools is getting more attention the past few months.  It's the tool that has a "comb" on one edge.

Jade combs are not really made for combing your hair.  They are meant for stimulating your scalp.  I keep one on my night stand and use it every morning before I get up, running the "comb" points over my scalp.  This use stimulates the scalp and can improve hair growth, especially as you age.  It also stimulates your brain.  What could be more wonderful than a dose of jade on your brain, first thing in the morning!

When the hot summer weather started here in central Florida in May, and I was getting my hair cut by my regular stylist, I told her I wanted to keep it long enough to wear it in a clip, or band "pony tail style".  She suggested I not clip it near the top of my hair because my hair was thinning and wearing a clip would make my hair loss more prominent.  That's when I ordered more of these jade gua sha tools with the comb from my jade carver.  I keep it handy in the bathroom near my hair styling tools, and use the comb part to stimulate my scalp, being careful to not pull hair out, but to feel the "teeth" on my head.  It really does feel good to use jade to stimulate my scalp, so I do it a couple of times each day.  It looks like my  scalp doesn't show as much as it used to. 

There's a video on the jade gua sha tool with comb product page.  Click on the comb photo above.  Take a look!  This is good for everyone.



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