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12 Oct '17

Ying Yu Jade Wholesale Jade "Yoni" Eggs and Ben Wa Balls

Ying Yu Jade has been watching with extreme worry the size of jade eggs and ben wa balls that are now being sold.  The sizes are getting larger. actually too large to help women with kegel exercise, and can cause harm instead of helping.  Ying Yu Jade's eggs and ben wa balls are the size determined by Chinese medicine doctors to be what women need to improve their vaginal health and strength.  And yes, for all women, not just Chinese women. 

What size jade eggs and ben wa balls should women use?  A size that can tighten and strengthen, as well as a size for women who are older and becoming more dry, and more "tight".  

The set of three jade eggs has proper sizes for women who are aging and need help with moisture and slight stretching, women who have given birth and need to tighten use the large or medium egg first, then when you can finally keep the small egg inside, you have reached your goal of tightening. And the medium size works for almost all women, to use for exercise.  

Ying Yu Jade will not profit by offering wholesale deals, but we want to do all we can to get the medically helpful and healthy size out to more women.

Ying Yu Jade Wholesale Jade Eggs and Ben Wa Balls Collection

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