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17 Sep '17

The Best Jade Yoni Ben Wa Balls You Can Buy

Ying Yu Jade ben wa balls are the best jade ben wa balls you can buy.  They were made by our jade carver in China from genuine and natural Chinese jade, the kind of jade Chinese doctors have been using for centuries to make health products for people.  The size of the ben wa balls is the Chinese doctor recommended size.  Not to large to cause damage or desensitise your vagina, something you don't want to do!  I have seen jade ben wa balls for sale that are much larger than they should be to help you improve your kegel muscles.  Instead, they may cause stretching, the opposite of what you want to accomplish.

If you are trying to decide between jade ben wa balls or jade eggs, the ben wa balls are "more playful".  When you have them inside, and moving your muscles, you might even hear the "clinking" together.  They also can make sex fun, "playing" with them.  

They are available undrilled, the pure and natural "whole" jade ball, or drilled with holes.  The balls drilled with holes can be tied with dental floss, or string, that you can remove each time you use them

When you purchase YYJ ben wa balls, you will also receive the most up to date information about effectively doing kegel exercise.

Click the photo of the ben wa balls to learn more, and view short video clips.

And, they are also low, sale prices.