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09 Apr '19

A Jade Roller with Needles Like Acupuncture What is THAT?!

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

This morning when I was finishing my taiji (tai chi) form, and closing the form with smoothing the qi through my body, I was amazed to actually feel the qi flow through me.  It felt like light tingles,  very spiritual and healing.  Prior to doing my taiji and yoga practices, I do some qigong exercises to unblock qi in my body as best I can.  Blocked qi is what causes medical problems, pain according to Chinese medicine.  And that makes taiji, and yoga, more beneficial to do.

One of my favorite jade pieces is the Chinese jade acu-roller.

smooth out your body qi.  It also improves blood circulation.  I start on my upper body, roll it downwards on my arms, chest and back, then hips and legs.  Even if I didn't do the taiji and yoga afterwards, I would feel much better, refreshed.  The rolling takes only a few minutes, and you can do it as short or long as you want to.  (I have seen people selling these acu-rollers for facial use, but never use this jade acu-roller on your face, as it can damage your skin and small blood vessels because the face is so delicate.   Use a smooth jade roller instead.)

I keep this on my night stand by the bed, and when I wake up feeling sore and very tired I can use it for a few minutes to start feeling better.

I had the good experience of meeting with my jade carver in China when I was with my Chinese doctor friend.  We worked with the jade carving about using very good quality of Chinese jade he would purchase directly from the jade mine.  Then he carved them to high standards.  I sell these often to Chinese medicine practitioners here in the USA, as well as individuals who prefer natural health and wellness treatments.

A favorite of mine for years!

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