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"Glowing" Good Green Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet 56mm (BB2810)

"Glowing" Good Green Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet 56mm (BB2810)

$ 18,888.00

Rare to find genuine jadeite natural color good green "all around" jadeite bangle bracelet.  Size is 56mm inside diameter, 15.5mm wide. The green includes some subtle white veins to add variation and balance the yang green with a little yin.   Lots of jade in this bangle for durability and every day wearing ease.  It has a good heavy feel, there is no doubt you have jade stone on your wrist.  Green jade is related to earth element, the liver meridian,  for keeping good health of the body.   It will look more pretty as you wear it.  This green jadeite bangle has high polish, icy cold and silky smooth.  It has a high value because it is rare to find this good green in natural color with moderate translucence.   It will increase in value and is an investment as well as a lovely jade bangle to wear.

Old mine jadeite purchased during our shopping trips in China near the Burma border in 2005.