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"Fabulous Flowers" Burmese Jadeite "Old Mine" Bangle Bracelet 60.5 mm (BB2981)

"Fabulous Flowers" Burmese Jadeite "Old Mine" Bangle Bracelet 60.5 mm (BB2981)

$ 38,000.00

Fabulous Flowers carved all around on this endlessly interesting Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet.  Size is 60.5 mm inside diameter, 12.2 mm wide.  The carving is very detailed, each edge finished with tiny circles.  Rare imperial green veins make this bangle extra special, "old mine" jadeite was mined and carved around the turn of the century, 2000. This is the kind of jade that the carver studied, deciding how to use the color and quality of the jadeite stone to make the best bangle.  Purchased in 2002 while shopping in China at the Burma border, directly from the jade carver so we can truly see the quality of the jadeite and the carving.   

Photos taken in natural outdoor light at different angles so you can see how it looks all around.  The actual bangle is more pretty than the photos can capture.

Tested by refraction, genuine Burmese jadeite.  This jade bangle will increase in value as the imperial green is more rare, and the excellent carving and style.

Ships to USA addresses only.  Contact Ying Yu Jade for payment and shipping options.