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Tiny Jadeite Frog Charm Bead Bracelet (YYBOX-21)

Tiny Jadeite Frog Charm Bead Bracelet (YYBOX-21)

$ 38.00

A hand made item by a former YYJ jewelry maker featuring a tiny Burmese jadeite frog charm on a jadeite bead bracelet.  Bracelet length is 8" and might feel a bit smaller due to the width of the jade beads.  The tiny frog is 15mm long, 9.5mm wide and 5mm thick, nicely carved and polished.  Frog is symbol of luck and wealth, and being successful in business.  The larger darker jadeite beads are 12mm long and the lighter jade beads are 11mm long.  There are jade bead and silver accents and a lovely green cloisonne bead near the silver clasp.  This was made around the year 2003 for YYJ.

A very auspicious jade bead bracelet, one only.