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Sale-Burmese Jadeite "Star Flower" Adjustable Bracelet (BJB-66)

Sale-Burmese Jadeite "Star Flower" Adjustable Bracelet (BJB-66)

$ 38.00 

Beautifully carved Burmese jadeite "star flower"  with jade beads accents on an adjustable red silk cord.  The center flower is 30mm wide and 8mm thick. The jade beads on each side are 7 mm.  The ends of the silk cord also have small jade beads as accents.  Flowers are cherished in China, they are very "yin" and feminine. Magnolia symbolizes feminine sweetness, gentleness and beauty.  Very well carved.  The red silk cord is a traditional red auspicious color and expands to fit most wrists.

Genuine and natural Burmese jadeite purchased during YYJ shopping trips in jade markets in China.