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Translucent Icy "Butterfly Tracks" Jadeite Bangle 57.5mm (BB2305)

Translucent Icy "Butterfly Tracks" Jadeite Bangle 57.5mm (BB2305)

$ 2,250.00

Green "butterfly tracks" veins throughout this translucent icy jadeite bangle bracelet 57.5mm inside diameter, flat inside, 14.5mm wide.  This jade bangle has unique appearance because it is much lighter color in natural daylight due to the translucence. More translucent than photo shows, difficult to capture the color and the translucence.   Silky smooth polish,  nice "chime".  Qi energy for lung meridian (white color) and healing (green).  Yin and yang balance of light and darker colors, very Dao, in harmony with nature. 

Value for this jadeite bangle is based on translucence and natural color, more difficult to find in newer jadeite.  Vintage and purchased prior to the Lantos Embargo in 2008.   One of a kind.