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Chinese Jade Hand Carved Cat  Kitten and Fish (Carv-Cat)

Chinese Jade Hand Carved Cat Kitten and Fish (Carv-Cat)

$ 50.00

From our jade carver for us cat lovers! Genuine natural Chinese jade cat, kitten and fish carving.  Size is 57x43mm and 6mm thick.  Carving is on both sides, the reverse side is carved the same way so you see the cat, kittens and fish from both sides.  Nicely carved through so the light passes through the translucent jade. 

Our jewelry maker says that if you want to wear it as a pendant, you can use a "Dragon Whiskers" cord passed through the holes at the top (available on menu).  Or two round rings can be put through the holes and a chain can pass through the holes.  

Or you can carry it in your pocket and touch it during the day to remind you of the cat you love.

Very limited quantity.