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Classic Round Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet 60mm (NJ888-60)

Classic Round Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet 60mm (NJ888-60)

$ 188.00

Green translucent natural Chinese jade bangle bracelet in the classic round 60mm inside diameter and approximately 7-8mm thick. Energy for balance of health, happiness, and good luck. Best quality .These are the traditional Chinese jade bangle bracelets that Chinese women have worn for centuries, before Burmese jadeite became popular in China.  Women who live in Beijing area and northern, eastern China still cherish these classic jade bangle bracelets.

Natural jade, each will appear slightly different.

These jade bangle bracelets are carved by Ying Yu Jade's jade carver in our workshop in China. We purchase the jade rough directly from the mines, so we can offer the best quality at the best price to our customers.