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"Black" Deep Deep Green Chinese Jade Bangle 58mm (NJBLACK-58)

"Black" Deep Deep Green Chinese Jade Bangle 58mm (NJBLACK-58)

$ 238.00

"Black"  Chinese jade, very deep green natural color, classic round, 58mm inside diameter, approx. 10mm thick. Highly polished, smooth and cold.  This jade has fine grain and a good "chime" for Chinese jade, excellent quality.   Energy for strength, courage, protection, healing. Black jade is good for travelers, environmental and spiritual protection and cleansing.  

Genuine and natural color Chinese jade, mined in the north east area of China. Our jade carver buys the jade rough from the mine, then carves the jade bangles to our specifications. This jade he used is very good quality, fine grained, with high "chime". This is the kind of jade that has been worn by Chinese people for centuries, prior to when Burmese jadeite was introduced to China.