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Auspicious Fu Lu Shou Three Color Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet 60.5mm (BB1019)

Auspicious Fu Lu Shou Three Color Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet 60.5mm (BB1019)

$ 8,888.00

Big vein of hong red,  dragon green mossy veins and white jadeite bangle bracelet 60.5mm inside diameter, 12.5mm wide.  Genuine natural color old mine lao pit jadeite stone, rare to find this natural color.  Fu Lu Shou is a special, auspicious traditional jade, cherished for holidays, special occasions, and for the Chinese Lunar New Year.  Fu Lu and Shou are the Chinese gods of Happiness, Luck and Wealth, Health and Longevity.  Red jade is related to the heart meridian, love and joy.  White jade related to the lung meridian for peace, calm spirit and ability to overcome grief.  Green jade is related to the liver meridian, for health, healing and longevity.  The deeper dragon green veins are yang and represent overcoming adversity, ability to live a wealthy life. 

The is jade bangle was purchased directly from the jade carver during our 2002 shopping trip to China.  We traveled south to the Burma border where jade carvers work for the Asian and local people, and this is not commercial quality jade.  It has a value higher than the price indicates, and will increase in value due to its rareness, the genuine jadeite grade A quality.  One only.

Ships to USA addresses only. You may contact us at yingyujade @ yingyujade.com to make payment arrangements.