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Wholesale Jade Rollers - Contact Ying Yu Jade

Contact Ying Yu Jade for information.  Let YYJ know the style and quantity you want.     yingyujade@yingyujade.com  

Ying Yu Jade genuine and natural Chinese jade rollers for health and beauty are made in China by our jade carver who buys the jade from the jade mine and carves them to high standards.  These are the jade rollers that Chinese medicine doctors have used for centuries.  Ying Yu Jade introduced these to USA and modern world in the year 2001.  

Prices reflect the cost of the jade and the work of the jade carver.

Shipping is from China because it is less expensive to ship from China. China now has more options to ship internationally and at reasonable prices.  You will be notified of shipping charge after you place your order and we know the weight and destination.

If you want a sample of the jade rollers to observe the quality of the jade and workmanship, you can order individual jade rollers from this web site.

When you decide on the style and quantity you want to purchase, contact Ma Xingshu at  xingshuma@outlook.com  

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