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11 Nov '16

Ying Yu Jade Gift Guide: Jade Gifts for Men

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Men are "Dragon" in Chinese culture, they are yang qi energy.  But even the most yang men need some yin for balance.  And jade makes a good gift, with balancing and healing properties.  Here are some Ying Yu Jade favorites for gifts for men.

Jade bangle bracelets are always a good gift for anyone.  YYJ offers large/men's size jade bangles. You can do a search for a jade bangle like this one NJ2362 by writing "men's" or "large bangle" in the search box on the upper left of each page. 

Jade pendants, like this black jade "dragon brings wealth" Chinese jade pendant are yang, large enough for men.  YYJ also sells knotted adjustable silk cords that men love to wear their pendant on.  Use the word "dragon" to search for dragon jade pendants.

Chinese Lunar New Year begins January 28, 2017 and is the "Year of the Fire Cock".
Limited quantity of jade rooster-cock-chicken pendants, so when you see one you like, don't wait to purchase it.

 Jade carvings, like the classic jade "money toad" are cherished because they are symbolic of wealth and luck.  The jade carving collection is here.


Looking for something vintage, one of a kind and special?  Check our vintage and pre-owned collection for items like the nephrite jade cufflinks, and fabulous jade carved belt buckle.

Explore the many jade items on Ying Yu Jade and you will find a very special jade gift for that very special man in your life.


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