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13 Nov '16

Ying Yu Jade Gift Guide: Jade Gifts for Health Practitioners, Wellness

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

People who are health and wellness practitioners, either professional or who practice every day wellness would love jade.  Jade has been used for centuries by Chinese medicine doctors using acupuncture, gua sha,  jade rollers to balance the body's qi meridians.


Jade gua sha scraping tools have been a staple in Chinese people's "medicine chest" because they encourage healing by raising the body "sha", or blood, on specific meridians to heal the point that is causing problems.  The most common use in families is to scrape the da dzui point shown in the photo above to prevent and help heal colds and flu, especially in winter.  We include a small pamphlet with basic information about gua sha with purchase. There are a variety to choose from, they all work similarly.

Jade "needles" 

Jade "needles" and "pointers" are used to apply pressure to free blocked qi on acupuncture points for healing.  You can take these when you go to your acupuncture doctor and ask her to show you which points on your body with benefit from regular stimulation between appointments.


Ying Yu jade rollers are good for everyone!  Use the small roller or small end of the double jade roller on your face and in small areas to stimulate blood flow for complexion.  Use the larger end on body parts to keep your qi flowing smoothly for better health.  If you use the jade rollers on other people, or you want a jade roller that is stronger for your body, the jade practitioners style in the second photo works well.  If you want a mini acupuncture do-it-yourself session, use the jade acu-roller with jade "needles" to stimulate the acu points in your body. 

Jade Pillow Covers are cool and relaxing, and good for your entire body while you rest and sleep.  The jade stimulates the head, and help blood flow to the brain.  Wake up feeling remarkable when you sleep on a jade pillow cover.  There is a lot of jade in these jade pillow covers, they are heavy, and our jade carver who made them used only genuine and natural Chinese jade, the traditional kind of jade used for Chinese medicine for centuries. 


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