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12 Nov '16

Ying Yu Jade Gift Guide: Jade Gifts for Children

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Ying Yu Jade is so pure and natural and healing,  jade gifts can benefit children. 

Jade Bangle Bracelets for babies and children are made from Chinese jade purchased from the jade mine and made by our jade carver in China.  The jade qi energy helps to nourish and balance growth in babies and children.  And when your child is older, they can wear their precious baby jade bangle on a chain, like a pendant.  Use search terms "baby jade bangle" or "child jade bangle", and these are located in the Traditional Chinese Jade Bangle Collection.

Jade Gua Sha tools and jade rollers are healthy and healing to use on babies and children.  The jade rollers can be used to lightly roll over their bodies to stimulate health and release blocked qi energy.  To help your child prevent illness like coughs, colds and flu, scraping the da zui point, the bone bump on the back of the neck, helps avoid and heal illness. 

Jade pendants, like the "tiger tooth" jade pendant on hematite chain is healthful and "yang" for boys.  The symbol of the tiger tooth relates to growing to manhood. There are other small jade pendants in the Chinese jade pendant collection, and Jadeite Pendant Collection.  Purchase a knotted silk cord to put on the pendant so they have a masculine way to wear their pendant. 

Girls like the jade bead elastic bracelets.  They are pretty, and yin, and good for health. Some of the jade bead bracelets have inspiration word medals on them.  Some also have Guan Yin, Buddha of Compassion that girls like when you tell them her story.


Children also like the small jade carvings, like dragon in the photo above.  And if they are having a difficult time in school, give them a small jade heart to carry in their pocket to remind them they are loved.

Jade is not only for adults.  Customers have shown me photos of their children playing with Mom's jade bangle bracelet, or pendant, and want to have some intriguing and fun jade for themselves. 



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