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23 Feb '17

Ying Yu Jade for Best Quality Jade Bangles, Pendants and Health Tools, and Best Prices for What You Get

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

I've been working like crazy trying to get my 2016 business taxes organized and ready for the accountant.  I haven't had time to add new products, discounts, newsletters because you know the rules:  taxes must be filed, and filed correctly.

Keeping track of sales and expenses for income taxes is my lowest priority.  The only reason I do it is for the IRS tax requirement.  Truth is, I have never really cared about making a lot of money, big profits from selling jade online.  Yes, I have to sell enough to pay for all related expenses, and make a reasonable profit for living expenses, but if you are a long time customer, you know that I will offer you a great discount, give you a good deal if I know you are a jade lover.  And the reason is that I have a true passion for jade.  And I want to share all this beautiful, good energy jade with the world, with customers. 

That's why Ying Yu Jade will always offer the best quality jade: jade bangle bracelets, jade pendants, jade carvings, jade health tools.  I started buying jade directly from my jade carver in China in the year 2000, and introduced this good quality in the online store.  I offered jade items like gua sha tools, jade yoni eggs and ben wa balls, the colorful "river jade" bangle bracelets to USA and western countries first.  Then, unfortunately, jade sellers who cared more about profit that honoring the Chinese tradition of buying and selling jade honestly, started selling fake jade, making up stories about "jade", and offering poor quality. And some sellers even posted fake complaints about Ying Yu Jade to not only hurt my business, but the entire jade selling business. 

I can't tell you how often the first question I get from new potential customers is "is your jade real?"  Too many people have been defrauded by jade sellers. 

That's why you can belive  I truly do have a passion for jade, to have continued offering the best quality jade at the best prices.  If I didn't have this passion, I would give it up for all the unpleasant related work of not only doing taxes and all the required booking, but the fake attacks by competitors, and distrust that jade shoppers bring from their negative experiences of buying jade.

Ying Yu Jade will always stand by the guarantee that we sell genuine and natural Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite, and all of our jade is "as described". 

Thanks you for your interest in Ying Yu Jade. 


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