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28 May '17

What Goes with Jade? Beautiful natural Chinese pearls!

I often get asked "what goes with the jade I love to wear?"   The answer: Chinese pearls. 

When I was exploring the southern area of China near the Burma (Myanmar) border, I saw so many pearl farms near the coastal regions.  Next to jade, I think pearls are China's favorite gem, also. 

And they looks so lovely together.

When I went to the Hongshao Pearl market in Beijing, there were many pearls, and jade and pearls jewelry.  Since most people who wear jade are wearing jade bangle bracelets, I decided "something" for the neckline would be great, and pearls, pearls and jade are perfect. So I showed the seller in the Market what kind of necklaces I would like.  She made a call, and suddenly a lot of workers showed up to make them for me while I waited.  Of course, I explored the Market while I was waiting because there are a lot of items other than jade, pearls there, including a lot of (fake) antique items.

But I spent a lot of time watching the workers make the special pearl necklaces for Ying Yu Jade, tying a knot between each pearl on the silk thread used.  Most of these have sold out on YYJ web site, but a few remain.  The workers also made pearl stud earrings, that are available, still a substantial quantity.

The pearls on YYJ are genuine real pearls.  They are natural color and haven't been treated like many of the pearls I saw in local tourist shops. 

Pearls are "yin", feminine and have their energy, too.  They are related to the lung meridian, with emotional energy for keeping memories, dealing with grief and loss, wisdom and compassion.

Visit the Pearls Collection to find jade and pearls made exclusively for Ying Yu Jade.

06 Jun '16

Jade and Pearls for June

Posted by Ying Yu Jade in jade and pearls

Pearls are the classic gem for wearing in June.

If you wear jade for wellness, green jade, or green and white jade is the kind of jade that will help balance body qi energy, the meridians.

Jade and pearls together are not only pretty, but also healthy to wear.  Some of YYJ lustrous pearls and jade were made exclusively for us while we were in Beijing's Hongchiao pearl market.  It was so exciting to choose the pearls, and the jade beads, and watch the local Chinese women string them on silk cords. It was amazing to watch their fingers move so fast to tie the knots.  

We will feature some of our jade and pearl jewelry during the month of June in the Today's Special.  Pearls the quality that is sold on YYJ have been increasing in price, so you are getting very good quality, and very good prices.  And they will look beautiful on you as you wear them.