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31 Oct '17

My Jade Bangle for Halloween and Recovering from Vacation in Key West

We're back from our shorter-than-planned vacation in Key West last week.  

Driving from central Florida to Key West through the Keys was so heart breaking, looking at all the devastation from Hurricane Irma more than six weeks ago.  It must have been absolutely horrible to live there after Irma.  

And while we were in Key West, tropical storm Philippe formed south of Cuba.  We decided to leave a couple days early.  Not only because of lots of rain and high wind, but also because the highway was already a mess and not cleaned up yet.  I had been wearing my black Chinese jade bangle bracelet with my Hurricane bracelet I purchased  a couple years ago in Key West from the person who designed and made them

During the time we were in Key West, we "ate our way through Duval Street", lots of shrimp and Key Lime pie.  My stomach was quite uncomfortable when I got home.  I immediately put on my Chinese "river jade" bangle bracelet with honey color, related to the spleen meridian, to wear as "medicine".  And it's perfect for Halloween today!

These "river jade" bangle bracelets are natural color, from minerals in the water where it's mined, near the river.  They are one of our most popular jade bangle bracelets.  Not only beautiful, but healing.  The colors of jade are related to the body acupuncture meridians.  It's like wearing jade as "medicine".  

Now you don't need an excuse to purchase one!  If you are sensitive and intuitive, you will know when you look at them which one is the best for you, body mind and spirit.


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