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11 Sep '20

Chinese Jade Teapot and Tea Pot Sets for Jade and Tea Lovers

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

I love Chinese tea. When I went to China, I always ordered tea with meals and drank as much tea as I ate food! My favorites are jasmin tea and green tea, and I still drink these every day. So of course I loved the jade teapots and shopped for jade tea pot sets while I was in China. They are big and heavy when packed to bring back to USA so I could bring back only one or two sets each year. And kept them in the office where I can see them often. I kept a set that I don't use for making or drinking tea, but they can be used not only as decor but also for steeping and drinking tea. When a friend in China who is also part of the China Jade Association had a tea ceremony for me, these are the kind of jade tea sets he used. Small pots of delicious tea poured in small cups, and drank "ceremoniously".  The price reflects the quality of the jade, the hours, days taken to carve these, and the high cost of packing and shipping to you. They ship to USA addresses only

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