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16 Nov '18

Authentic Genuine Jade Bangle Bracelets, Jade Pendants and More on Sale for "Black Friday"

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Ying Yu Jade is starting "Black Friday" sale early.  YOU can start your jade shopping for the holidays now and get a good discount.  

Ying Yu Jade is genuine and natural,  Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite.  Some is very vintage, from being purchased around the turn of the century, or from Chinese family estate sales.  The jadeite bangle bracelet in the photo is a very valuable and vintage genuine and natural Burmese jadeite.  Classic round style, carved and worn during the Qing Dynasty  The item number is V683, you can get more information about here.      

The newer Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets are less expensive, and most of these were purchased in the early 2000's. They are often called "old mine" because the jade mines in Burma had political problems that led to them being outlawed for entrance into the USA by the US government.

Ying Yu Jade has been selling genuine and natural Chinese jade bangle bracelets, pendants, carvings, and Chinese medicine gua sha tools, jade rollers and more since 1999.  We have worked with our jade carver in China so he knows the quality we are known for selling.

And Ying Yu Jade will include a "little of everything" in our Black Friday sales.

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