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04 May '16

Why can't I call Ying Yu Jade and order by phone?

Posted by Ying Yu Jade

Some customers prefer to place orders on the phone, and want to know why Ying Yu Jade does not take phone orders.

Firstly, since YYJ is viewed worldwide, there's no way we can offer phone service 24/7.  That would require adding staff, and that would mean price increase.

But the main reason we don't take orders online is because of the security of your credit card.  When you place your order online, we never receive your credit card information, so that means we don't have to store it for years.  We receive information about if the address you provide matches the credit card, if the code verification matches, and if the location of where the order is placed matches the general location of the address on the credit card.

When you order online, you also have a record of your purchase that you can refer to and print, a receipt of exactly what you order so there is no error, and we know exactly which items to send you.

You will notice the entire Ying Yu Jade website is on a secure server.  There is an "s" on the http:// web address.  On mobile devices you see an lock icon at the top of the page.  All the pages are secure, not just the check out pages. 

Online ordering is the most safe way you can place your order on Ying Yu Jade.  And your receipt verifies your purchase. 

Enjoy shopping on Ying Yu Jade, were we keep our customer information safe and secure.

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