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Double Red-Eyed Silver Dragon Bracelet-Ying Yu's Jewelry Box

Double Red-Eyed Silver Dragon Bracelet-Ying Yu's Jewelry Box

$ 32.00

This is one of those things I saw on the streets of Xi'an after visiting the Chinese Terracotta Warriors.  It was my second trip to China with my qigong master and group, and we were settled in our hotel rooms early.  But I saw a lot of activity on the streets and sneaked out.  It was my first time alone in China!  This red-eyed double dragon bracelet reflected how I was feeling: wild and crazy.  I never wore it, but kept it to look at.  It still brings out my wild side, which I don't need at this point in my life. 

Two dragons hooked together with a ring.  You can see how dimensional they are in the photos.  Feet are spread wide, ready for action.  The red eyes are some kind of stone. And I don't know what the metal is, but it has remained in perfect condition since 1999.  The bracelet is 8" long,  the dragon part is 1" wide.  The dragon tail is in links, so it's flexible on the wrist.  And of course, much nicer than the photo shows.

One only.