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"Daoist Bagua" Citrine Crystal Hanging Ornament (CP-231)

"Daoist Bagua" Citrine Crystal Hanging Ornament (CP-231)

$ 88.00

As with all the crystal pendants,  I have to tell you that the photo doesn't show the elegance of the crystal.  This  citrine color   crystal pendant is beveled on all the sides to capture the light.  It is attached to a red silk cord that has a hanging loop on top and fringe underneath.   "Bagua is engraved on the reverse side to make this look like they are in the middle of the crystal. The Bagua or Pa Kua are eight symbols used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. Each consists of three lines, each line either "broken" or "unbroken", respectively representing yin or yang.  Size  of crystal is 55mm wide and 7.5mm thick.  Total length is 12 inches

I saw  these quartz crystals at a wholesale jewelry show, and they wholesale price was more than $100, so they are a real deal at this low price.

The crystal pendants were purchased from a Buddhist group near a rural monastery and orphanage near Shenyang, China.  The Buddhists use the profits from sales for their monastery and the orphanage.  That makes them not only "something pretty to wear",  but also very spiritual as they are from Buddhists and their purpose is for doing good on this earth.