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YYJ Exclusive - FrownEase Wrinkle Relaxer Power Pack - Small Jade Roller Set

YYJ Exclusive - FrownEase Wrinkle Relaxer Power Pack - Small Jade Roller Set

$ 49.00

Ying Yu Jade exclusive! Use the healing power of pure and natural jade with

the therapeutic effects of moist heat to relax forehead wrinkles. I developed this product for my personal use using principles of Chinese medicine and Chinese beauty massage, working with Dr. Charles Li in Beijing. Each kit includes the patent pending Frown Ease moist heat forehead pack. Along with classic pack material, these also include Chinese medicine herbs and tiny pieces of healing jade. Slightly dampen the outside cover and microwave for 15 second. Place on forehead until it cools, then use the coolness of the jade roller to roll away tightness on your brows and face. Instructions and information about how these work together included with your order.
Jade rollers were found in tombs of Chinese emperors, and are displayed as part of the emperors bedroom necessities at the Forbidden City.Great gift idea! Alternative to Botox cosmetic Colors of the heat pad will vary.

Fast results for even the most stubborn forehead wrinkle. Powerpack combination of Frown Ease jade roller, heat pack and month supply (28 count) of Frownies pads to help retrain your forehead muscles while you sleep. Combine the traditional Chinese beauty treatment with the new western treatment for faster results than using either one alone

Frown Ease Power Pak with small jade roller,moist heat pad and 28 Frownies patches 

Jade rollers are personal items, and sales are final.